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Red Rock Stories, Torrey House Press, 2017

From my essay "When the Desert Morning Rises"

A few hours on the highway will take me into the heart of the Colorado Plateau, where friends live and the desert reigns. This desert plateau is notorious for its stability and resistance to deformation over millions of years. It continues to transform like a diatonic scale--eroding in a sequential and harmonious pattern without many chromatic variations. It is bare in comparison to my forested mountains, but its uncluttered ground is the space between the notes that truly creates the music. It is music that demands my patience as I wait for the next note. But in between the notes, in the vast and honest open land, there are canyons to absorb the darkness and red rock cliffs to receive the light. This is the plateau.

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"Essay and poems that run as deep as the canyons of the Colorado Plateau." - Robert Redford