What the Women Are

recognize the hum that created the earth,
the lulling, haunting, wise song that
is birthing an entire planet.
the congregating clouds that move
forcefully to clear out the old and
bring in the new. birth. again,  again.
recognize the curves like the mountains
like the tides, like the roots that
maintain a forest of a living ecology.
what the women are is in everything
you eat, you breathe, you grow, you build,
you love.

What the Women Do

see every bit
make holy of the ordinary
Water into wine
tears into laughter
alchemy of soul into a life.
make a living place
iron out spreadsheets and bed sheets
or not
bring home the bacon and cook
a fine meal
or not.
love the touch of your skin while
you’re falling asleep and before
your body emerges into a day
because women make bodies, breathe bodies,
inhabit a pulsing, bleeding, feeding, dancing body.
it’s what the women do.