The Currents of Desert Grass


For the grass, living is easy––the struggle of living is there, of course, as the seasons cover it with cold, heavy snow or blaze relentlessly long and sunny days upon it. The grass simply goes on. It creates its own food through photosynthesis while it extends and nourishes  its roots to ensure stability when the winds come. The grass lives easily, simply––it is not complex, though its biological systems are complex and automatic. It relies on the mechanisms of its body, unseen and practically unnoticed. Trusted.


These days, on the south-facing slopes, the grass is finally exposed, and green blades are quietly weaving through last year’s straw. They clump in swirling currents, revealing where gravity pulled as the sun melted the snow. These same flattened currents will appear in summer after the deer have slept on this verdant bed.


The grass: where everything and everyone wants to lay their head for rest.

Because the currents of desert grass live easy.

Anne Marie Vivienne