Practice. And All Is Coming.

I decided this year I’d finally be an artist. I decided this afternoon to eat a piece of chocolate cake because I didn’t throw it out earlier like I had decided. All is looking pretty promising on the artist track––which is why my stomach turned on me this afternoon? I made myself walk around the neighborhood to make some photographs. My neighborhood is more grit than beauty. I imagine this is what a typical mid-west town looks like, not a high-mountain desert town. I think of Salt Lake City and I imagine Santa Fe with Georgia O’Keeffe minimalism. But the reality is it looks like Anywhere, U.S.A.

Salt Lake City has been home most of my life. And yet I am realizing I don’t know it very much at all. I’ve been in denial. I love this place for the people who I have found here. They are desert survivors. We all live in a harsh climate, and yet we’ve found a way to thrive.

Making photographs of my neighborhood is difficult for me. I have to look, really look to find something that catches me, that makes me want to stop and investigate and document.

Or maybe it was the chocolate cake that’s influencing my mood.

Practice making photographs. And all is coming.