Anne Marie Vivienne

Anne Marie is a documentarian: a writer, photographer, and citizen scientist—a naturalist at heart. She is project-oriented as she pursues a life in the Ecology of Beauty. Her writing and photography reflect her deep passion for myth, archetypes, and the narratives that weave together a collective psyche and illuminate social behavior. She documents women in their final phase of life as she attempts to restore a culture of elderwomen.

Anne Marie has a deep curiosity for landscapes and the people who live throughout their ecologies. She listens to the soundscapes and rhythms of people's narratives, cultures, and histories. Her research and writing focus on the environment, people, the west, feminism, and deep ecology. 

She is currently building a non-profit movement, Wisdom Anthologies: Reclaiming + Documenting a Culture of Elderwomen. Donations can be made here.

Her book The Ecology of Beauty will be available Spring 2020.

A few years ago, in support of the creation of Bears Ears National Monument, she built and continues to manage, a website curating the voices of artist activists passionate about preserving desert lands of the Colorado Plateau.

Anne Marie lives in Salt Lake City and explores the western U.S. extensively, venturing out into the world multiple times a year. 

Follow this journey on Instagram @annmarievivienne + @wisdomanthologies

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Reorienting Collective Consciousness

I am an age-old tree.
I am stars in white snow.

I deeply believe that for something to resonate deeply, it must have profound and careful space—allow for space between the things I say—trust the resonance and the time it takes to settle. Give people room for breath, for life, to make it their own. Countering this world’s otherwise dizzying pace. My pace will reorient collective consciousness.

Photo by Britt Chudleigh, St. Ives, 2013

Photo by Britt Chudleigh, St. Ives, 2013


There is a holiness in enough.

There is a holiness in enough. We accept that most of our existence is space and thresholds--the in between places where we are suspended in our essence. Our desert disposition will reveal whether we imagine a lack of sustenance or believe in the generosity of enough. This is desert disposition: the holiness of enough. It is already the relief and healing we need. We see a landscape, unobstructed; we hear the birdsong liturgies; we smell the earth in the wind.

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We are the authorities.
At Home, With Ourselves.

I begin with my own heart, my own soul, and the geography of this life I've inherited. I begin to see that I am not separate from anyone or anything–that I brush up against and through everyone and everything. Inside me is the sun, my neighbor, my mother, yesterday's snowfall, the words you shared at the dinner table, and birdsongs that pierce an autumn forest. 

When I discover myself and map these relationships of interbeing, I will rediscover the world over and over again.