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Anne Marie Vivienne

Anne Marie is a documentarian with a poet’s approach. She believes in the power of torque, the long game, and the human heart. Her devotion to deep listening reveals the forgotten stories of individuals, communities, landscapes, and collective consciousness.


Of Course Blossoms, But Wait

For the past four evenings I sit in the quiet of my living room, watching the light fade into a quiet blue around a few blossoming branches my studiomate allowed me to steal…

Desert Disposition: the holiness of enough

How do you meet the desert? Your approach matters. I have lived most my life in the desert, and this environment has formed my affinity to space, quiet, and the hours of morning…

Exploration: a manifesto

Quiet, ordinary beauty and the rhythms of the seasons–this is my path, my pilgrimage to rediscover the world…


Wisdom Anthologies

Reclaiming + Documenting a Culture of Elderwomen


The Ecology of Beauty